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Houston quinceaneras photography by Juan Huerta. Photography-Video-DJ services available. All day coverage available, large fine art prints, quinceaneras guest books, premium prints and DVDs with all your full-resolution images. Houston is packed with very beautiful venues and halls for quinceaneras to celebrate their big day, and even thouh we celebrated Arianna’s quinceanera at the upscale City Centre at Quail Valley in Missouri City, Texas, the bulk of Arianna’s portraits where taken in the heart of Downtown, Houston.

The city of Houston spreads out in such a large scale that we could be taking pictures in on Houston location and just drive down the road a couple of miles to find us photographing our beautiful quinceaneras around neighboring towns like Sugar Land, Missouri City, Katy, Richmond, etc. We gladly cover all such areas because we like to call them “Houston locations”, basically due to the easy ways in which we can access them from the city of Houston. So, quinceaneras, do not hesitate contacting our services if you live or plan you have your quinceanera at any of these close-by cities, because for us it will still be Houston and we would love to be there for you. Please see more of my LATEST EVENTS HERE»




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